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Hiking - Swimming - Trips
4 hiking trails here from Loco, leisurely walks along the River.
Cool off in a Mount. River 200m behind the House or Lago Maggiore.
Charming Old Towns invite you with excellent opportunities.
Sights and Culture
Castles, Churches, magnificent Landscape and Funiculars available.
Culture, Architecture (Mario Botta), "living" Museum at Loco. Camelliagarden, Palm Gardens, a fabulous panoramic view.
Climate - Sun - Vegetation
The mild climate, being close to the Mediterranean way of life.
Up to 2300 hours of sunshine in the year, up to 7h/day in winter. Palm trees, Vineyards, Mimosas, Chestnut, Fig Trees everywhere.
The region around "Lago Maggiore" is the sunniest in Switzerland with 2300 hours of sunshine in the year!
Thanks to the East-West orientation of the valley and the positioning of the villages on the top southern slope, the Onserone Valley is particularly sunny. Even on the shortest Winter Day, there are seven hours of Sunshine. The mild climate, being close to the Mediterranean, brings forth an amazing variety of plants despite its altitude of 691 meters above sea level. Looking about in a panoramic sweep, you will encounter Palm trees, Vineyards, and stands of Mimosas. Naturally, the Edible Chestnut and Fig Trees are everywhere.
You will be pampered in an old traditional Ducal Home, (Visconti Clan from Milan). This Residence in the Onserone Valley was build with thick Granite walls spotting embrasures, a reminder of more unsettled times long gone by . The ceiling beams are original solid chestnut wood and the granite work was done by Craftsmen at a time when pride in workmanship came before profit.

The house dates back to 1626 and has been renovated and updated with all the modern conveniences expected by today's sophisticated traveler.

The Roadmap to us with Car or Train/Bus.
The biological conditions in this House.
How much are the costs.
History and Renovation of the Casa ai Mulini.
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The House
The Valley
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